Multibeam has been selected as a WINNER of the 2024 3D InCites Advanced Technology Enablement Awards! (Check out our “Finalist” feature on pg. 29 of the Yearbook)! We will be at IMAPS DPC in Arizona to accept the award – meet us there!

The Advanced Technology Enablement Awards recognize efforts across the microelectronics supply chain that contribute to the advancement of the heterogeneous integration roadmap, including 3D packaging, interposer integration, fan-out wafer-level packaging, chiplet architectures, materials development, and full system integration.

Multibeam is addressing the slow cycle times of masked-based lithography technologies with its multi-column E-beam lithography (MEBL) solution. This maskless technology enhances multi-die integration with a large write field, high DoF, ultra-fine resolution, and adaptable writing. MEBL makes it possible to pattern more than 10X larger than current interposers, facilitating wafer-scale integration for processors like HPC, GPUs, and AI engines. With more than 100X DoF improvement over optical lithography, it enables advanced 3D structures and high-resolution interconnects, resulting in a 10x-100x increase in chip-to-chip interconnect bandwidth.