Advanced packaging including 2.5D, 3D-IC, fan-out wafer-level packaging and system-in-packaging

Adaptive patterning, large fields, and unmatched resolutions for new packaging applications. Capable of volume or batch production of System in Package (SiP), MEMS & Sensor Packaging, Fan Out Packaging, and 2.5D/3D IC Packaging.
Enabling next generation interposers — Metaposers™.

Multibeam technology is enabling game-changing improvements in:

  • Wafer-scale interposers (up to >80× larger)
  • Adapable patterning (>10× higher bandwidth)
  • On-wafer die-die stitching (stitched die transcending reticle limit, with >98% energy reduction per bit transfer)
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Secure Chip ID

Secure Chip ID

Powerful new technology in the never-ending fight against security threats

Security is a must in a world where counterfeiters abound. Secure Chip ID is the leading anti-counterfeit capability, capable of hard-coding unique information into each chip seamlessly during routine wafer fabrication flow. Physically patterning IDs that are buried deep within the processing helps to enable essential system level security. By ensuring the provenance of critical IC components, Multibeam avoids vulnerabilities related to conventional approaches.

  • Embedded during device fabrication – Provides traceability to initial chip fabrication; Can’t be counterfeited

  • Guaranteed unique – Necessary to assure providence

  • Unique, tamper-proof, hardcoded – Completely non-
    volatile for life

  • Electrically readable – Usable for low-cost traceability or as part of secure chip architecture

  • Physically very small size – No impact on die size; Low cost

Rapid Prototyping / High-Mix Production

A broad range of advanced customizable and innovative process technologies for growing markets

  • Rapid prototyping: Digital printing and maskless patterning enable rapid prototyping for faster first article delivery and system productization
  • Accelerate the path to production: Speed up the development cycle for faster cycles of learning
  • High mix production enabled with
    customizable patterning
PHOTONICS 3 sin texto (1)


High performance, low loss, novel structures

  • Expand into multiple high growth photonics segments
  • Optical connections at the package
    and device level
  • Specialty applications for unique IoT requirements: medical diagnostic testing, optical biotechnology sensing, faster high resolution augmented reality …



Multibeam’s unique multicolumn e-beam technology brings the high precision of e-beam direct writing to productivity levels that enable your applications to have:

  • 100X more productive than conventional e-beam
  • 100X Depth of Focus range of optical lithography
  • 100X larger writing Field of View than optical lithography    
  • 10X more precision than laser direct
  • a variety of substrate types, sizes, and shapes