Dr. David K. Lam
Chairman & CEO

  September 2020:
$38 Million Defense Contract
MEBL Full-Wafer Patterning
  May 2020:
$11.2 Million Defense Contract
Anti-counterfeit IC
  May 2017:
$35 Million Defense Contract
E-Beam System

Multibeam Corporation is a leading innovator in multicolumn electron-beam lithography (MEBL) technology. Based in Santa Clara, California, the Silicon Valley pacesetter is working on two Security Lithography projects under separate U.S. Government contracts that will target 45nm-node devices and develop Secure Chip ID technology to thwart IC counterfeiting. With a robust and expanding IP portfolio including 40 patents awarded by the USPTO, Multibeam is also pursuing commercial growth markets enabled by its MEBL Security Lithography platform. Multibeam is poised to solve complex security challenges as the need for on-chip security cuts across most industrial, commercial, and government applications.

The company is led by Dr. David K. Lam, the founder and first CEO of Lam Research. Widely recognized as a key contributor to the growth of the semiconductor industry, Dr. Lam was inducted into the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame in 2013.



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