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July 2018
Technology roadmap disclosed at litho and device security workshops
January 2018
Patent enhances precision direct etch
November 2017
Multibeam patent improves accuracy
September 2017
Dr. David K Lam presented at the
IoT Device Security Summit
July 2017
Dr. David K Lam presented at Semicon
May 2017
Multibeam Secures $35M Defense Contract to Build E-Beam System
November 2016
SST article: Multibeam Patents Direct Deposition and Etch
September 2016
eBeam Initiative video: Embedding IoT Chip Security using eBeam
A Fresh Approach to Electron Writing

Unlike conventional Electron-Beam Lithography (EBL) systems that employ a single complex e-beam column writing pixels, Multibeam takes a fresh approach in column design, system architecture, and writing strategy.

Multibeam's miniature columns have a streamlined design capable of writing patterns at very high resolution. Identical columns are assembled into an array. Each electron beam is individually controlled with high-speed electronics. Beam positions are automatically registered to the wafer for overlay accuracy. Operating simultaneously, the columns pattern critical wafer layers with low pattern density in less than 12 minutes or faster, depending on application. Cluster tools with multiple e-beam modules speed throughput for high-volume manufacturing. Single- or multi-module Multibeam systems can be inserted into existing manufacturing fabs running 200mm or 300mm wafers.


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