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  Senior Software Engineer - Data Preparation
(Electron-Beam Lithography)


Multibeam Corporation has developed an
exciting new IC lithography technology for the semiconductor industry. Based in Santa Clara, California, this start-up is focused on EBDW. Multibeam achieves high-throughput with its innovative all-electrostatic column design and multi-column architecture.


Multibeam Corporation is seeking a senior software engineer with proven experience in data preparation. You will be part of a key team in developing a new electron beam column control of a complex project in electron beam lithography. This position is best suited for an experienced software engineer with in-depth knowledge of EDA applications (especially data fracturing) and excellent Linux user interface development skills.

Please visit our website at www.multibeamcorp.com


  • Developing a Linux-based fracturing application to partition customersí DGS-II/OASIS design data files.
  • This application allows the user to select the data files through front-end user interface. The back-end processing takes place once the user initiates partition request.
  • This data fracturing software will be integrated with host column controller application later on so that the fractured data will be sent down to the specific embedded column controller.


  • BS Degree in Computer Science or Electrical or an advanced degree is preferred.
  • In-depth knowledge of EDA applications (especially data fracturing), good Linux user interface development skill, multi-tasking, and excellent working experience in Linux application development.
  • 5 years of application development experience on Linux platform.
  • 5 years of user interface development experience with QT framework, GTK+ or  wxWindows toolkits.
  • 10 years of EDA experience in data preparation.
  • Knowledgeable of OASIS and GDS-II data formats and capable of manipulating very large data files (in the magnitude of multiple gigabytes).
  • Knowledgeable of algorithm and efficiency management for data manipulation.
  • Familiar with GNU C/C++ and Code::Blocks / Eclipse IDE environment.
  • Excellent reasoning and problem-solving skills.

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